Philmont Scout Ranch Training Center

So you are headed to Philmont Scout Ranch for Training. congratulations you will have a great time. One of the issues is what should you take to be comfortable.

You’ll be staying in the standard wall tent with 2 beds (and mattresses) and electricity.  However you will also be in New Mexico so it is going to be hot.  🙂

What to take:

Rug: lay on the floor between the beds to have so you are not stepping on wood in the middle of the night or morning

Light: a light to turn on at night

Extension cord: (maybe 2?) Attach one extension cord 6′ to the outlet and use it to plug in light large fan, phone charger, etc.  Use the second extenstion cord to plug in to the outlet or the first cord and run across the top of the tent. Use this if you are taking an overhead light or another fan

Fans: (possible 2) something that can move air during the day and evening and blow quietly at night to keep you cool

Sheets: These are single beds and pair of sheets can be great. Some nights can be cool so you might need more than a blanket

Pillow & pillow case

Clothes: It is easy to hang your clothes so take everything on hangers that you can.

Shoes or Sandals to walk to showers

Robe or shorts for showers bathroom runs

Chair: There are folding chairs available but in the evening you’ll want to sit on a comfortable chair.  Bring two so if a friend stops by you can offer them a seat.

Cooler: If you like a cold drink in the evening take a small cooler.  YOu can get more ice at the dining hall each day. Take a bucket or other device to carry ice back to your tent. Hard shell cooler is best so the lid can be closed and you do not invite local wildlife in.