Ideas on how to Improve Relations with the Order of the Arrow & Units, UL & Families

Many times the relationship between the Order of the Arrow and a unit, unit leader or parents is based on simple misunderstanding.  This page is dedicated to ideas on preventing those problems.

Over Coming Parent Fees about the OA


I know of a troop that did a parent orientation to OA a few weeks before the troop’s OA elections.  I believe it was usually done at a COH while scouts and siblings were involved in another activity outside!  In any case, the significance of OA for younger scouts increased, the scouts from that troop were actively involved in OA, and camping participation increased.  Parents wanted their scouts to be involved in OA.  Oh, yeah, the troop produced considerably more eagle scouts than the average.


I know of another troop where adult leaders meet with the parents of scouts elected to OA very shortly after the elections to explain wat to expect and to counter any misconceptions.