Games for Scouts

Need ideas on what to do during an Outing? Here are some ideas

Cat and Mouse

The troop hauls around two stumps and a rope in the trailer so they can play Cat and Mouse

Barrel Golf

We played “barrel golf.”  Much like golf only holes were nail kegs, some buried in ground, others on a post or hung in a tree.  We used croquet balls as golf balls.

Flicker Ball

One camp I visited played “flicker ball.”  It was a lot like “ultimate frisbee” but played with a football.  Object being to throw the ball through a Goal suspended in the end zone.  Goal was something like 2 feet high and three feet wide, pretty small for a poor passer like me!  When you catch the ball you get only two forward steps (to stop), must pass to another player.

Pole-ish (Mini Frisbee Golf)

We have enjoyed playing a mini-version of Frisbee golf, where you try to strike a target while throwing back and forth.  We stand up 2 half kayak paddles (the kind that separate in the middle) in a couple of bucket so that the blades are in the bucket and the centers of the handle are pointing straight up (support the paddles with some filler in the bucket).  Then fill a water bottle about 1/3 full and balance it on top of the paddle end.  Two players throw back and forth, trying to knock the bottle off the paddle.  3 points for a direct hit on the bottle and one point for striking the paddle, knocking the bottle off.  Bucket strikes don’t count.  It is surprising difficult.  I’m sure there are easier ways to set up the game that don’t involve kayak paddles – any bottle-on-pole setup would do.  I see (just now) that people call this game Pole-ish, and usually include a defense action which allows you to try to catch bottles before they hit the ground, preventing points from being scored.  Never played it that way.

Hillbilly Golf

One year I tried to get some interest in making a “hillbilly golf” game as a pioneering project.  We would have made the golf ball bolo by tying up monkey’s fist knots.  And the target ladder would have been pretty straightforward pioneering.  I didn’t get that effort off the ground, but it might be a fun project for a pioneering merit badge?