New Ideas in Education show the value of Scouting to help Youth continue learning


Ken Robinson, believes that creativity is the key to lifelong learning. Current education systems kill creativity.  Scouting is a way to continue that creativity and keep that education going.


Want to know what happens when Scouting may not be an option? Alice Goffman spent 6 years living in inner city neighborhoods studying why we have two education systems in the US for kids. One is college and one is the prison system.


So how do we make sure we don’t have our youth educated by alternative system 2?


New Youth Protection Training is Now Available

Please forward to all leaders and parents in your unit.


The updated Adult Youth Protection Training (YPT) is now available at BSA requires all leaders to take this training by October 1, 2018, and strongly encourages all parents to take this training. Attached is information regarding the changes in the training and BSA policies related to YPT.

If you have any questions, please contact:

Kathy Allen (Timberline District Training Chair) – escrowkathy or 303-503-2095

Jon Strauss (Timberline District Youth Protection Champion) – jcstrauss or 303-478-4565


YPT2 Adult Online Training Quick Facts.docx

YPT2 Power Point 1.31.18.pptx

BSA Youth Protection Infographic 1-31-18.pdf

Pre-Roundtable Training: Pack Committee and Troop Committee Challenge

If you are a new committee member or a seasoned pro come and check out the committee member training and how you can get the most out of your Pack or Troop committee.


 Thursday, March 1, 2018, at 6PM (before Roundtable)

We are offering:

Pack Committee Challenge


Troop Committee Challenge

Location: LDS Dartmouth Bldg. (9227 W Dartmouth Ave., Lakewood CO 80227)

Contact Kathy Allen (escrowkathy) with questions

 If you cannot attend training, please take the time to take online training


Tim Purvis | Timberline District Executive
Boy Scouts of America
Denver Area Council
10455 West Sixth Avenue | Suite 100
Denver, CO 80215

C 719-351-4447
P 720.266.2163 | F 303.455.4689
Join Scouting at


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Learn how to designate your United Way contribution to the Denver Area Council, BSA.


February Pre-Roundtable training

Please forward to the registered adults in your unit

Thursday, February 1, 2018, at 6PM (before Roundtable)

We are offering:

Den Leader


Merit Badge Counselor (Q & A session)

Location: LDS Dartmouth Bldg. (9227 W Dartmouth Ave., Lakewood CO 80227)

Contact Kathy Allen (escrowkathy) with questions

If you cannot attend training, please take the time to take online training



“That ain’t work’n!”

November Roundtable is this coming Thursday, November 2.  In the past we called this the Fireside Chat were we told you what we were going to do.

“That ain’t work’n!”

What we need to know is what YOU want us to do. What are we doing wrong? What do we need to improve? How can we help you? How can we make Scouting better in the Timberline District? What needs to be done on the Council level?

This will be your opportunity to speak to the Timberline Key 3, Steve Yexley, Dana Smerchek and myself along with the Timberline Professionals, Cheyann Thunberg and Tim Purvis. No holds barred, no need to worry, we see this as a way for all of us to get better.

If you have a complaint, let us know. If you need something, let us know. If you think we are messing up, let us know.  Whatever the issue at whatever level in Scouting, let us know!

This will not be you say something and we spend 20 minutes why we are not right. This will be you say something and we write it down.  We learn so we can improve.

Of all the meetings I’ve had since accepting this position, last years “Fireside Chat” was the most informative and the most productive. We changed our direction and focus as a District Committee because of that meeting. We think we are getting better, however we need your feedback to know for sure.

Please come and let us know what we can do to help Timberline District get better, help us learn how we can help you help the youth in our district.

7:00 PM

LDS Church 9227 W Dartmouth Pl, Lakewood, CO 80227

I look forward to seeing you all there.

Jim Moss

Timberline District Chair

Denver Area Council

720 334 8529

Timberline District Webpage:

Timberline District Calendar: