Love Philmont or want to head there? There is a new list serve devoted to Philmont Scout Ranch

One of the best ways to learn about a place is to talk to people who’ve been there. The more you learn about Philmont before you go, the more fun you’ll have when you get there.

This list Serve Philmont Scout Ranch presents the opportunity to ask questions and respond to questions about Philmont, backpacking and Scouting at Philmont.

If you are thinking or planning to head to Cimarron, jump on this list serve.

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Registation for Philmont 2019 Treks ends November 15

Don’t Forget to Register for a 2019 Trek!
The lottery window closes at 11:59PM MST on November 15th! Our lottery-based registration system gives everyone an equal chance to experience the wilderness and learning adventure of a lifetime.
Philmont Scout Ranch provides an unforgettable adventure along its hundreds of miles of rugged, rocky trails. Program features combine the best of the Old West–horseback riding, burro packing, gold panning, chuckwagon dinners, and interpretive history–with exciting challenges for today–rock climbing, burro racing, mountain biking, and rifle shooting–in an unbeatable recipe for fast-moving outdoor fun.
Be Prepared for Philmont.
The Philmont Advisor Skills School (PASS) and Philmont Advisor Workshop (PAW) programs are designed to better prepare adult advisors to confidently lead their crew in preparing for a Philmont trek. There are three different types of advisor training programs to choose from:

  • PSR-PASS: A full weekend of training at Philmont
  • Field-PASS: An eight-hour weekend session in a city near you
  • PAW: A two-hour weeknight session in a city near you

(Click the button below for more information on Trek Preparation and for a detailed map of our PASS/PAW locations.)

Trek Preparation
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Tooth of Time Traders

Official Store of Philmont Scout Ranch

The Tooth of Time Traders is open year-round,

7 days a week! Stop by to pick up belts, buckles, water bottles, patches, and more. Committed to providing gear, preserving memories, and building dreams.

Philmont Scout Ranch & Training Center | (575) 376-2281|
Philmont Scout Ranch & Training Center, Boy Scouts of America, 17 Deer Run Road, Cimarron, NM 87714

Mark Anderson, Philmont Director of Program is retiring!

Mark Anderson, Philmont’s Director of Program for the past 19 years, today announced his plans to retire on December 31 after more than 40 years with the Boy Scouts of America. Mark and Linda plan to relocate to a new home in Windsor, Colorado (close to their new granddaughter, born just a couple of weeks ago!).

National Scouting Museum moving to Philmont Scout Ranch

The Boy Scouts of America is excited to announce that after a comprehensive review, the National Scouting Museum will be relocating to Philmont Scout Ranch in northern New Mexico. A new expansion of the Philmont Museum and Seton Memorial Library and Education Center will allow us to share the rich history of Scouting with tens of thousands of campers, volunteers, alumni and visitors each year.

We take great pride and responsibility in our ongoing commitment to the mission of preparing young people for a life of character, leadership, and service.

For decades, the National Scouting Museum has played an extremely important role in preserving and telling the rich story of the BSA and the positive impact Scouting continues to have on youth and families.

We honor the trust placed in our organization by generous donors and benefactors by continuously assessing our stewardship of all of the wonderful and substantial assets and resources entrusted to the BSA, including those pieces housed in the National Scouting Museum.

Thanks to the thorough efforts of our volunteer and professional leadership, the National Executive Committee approved this path forward to best serve America’s youth and families and accelerate what the museum is trying to accomplish.

The relocation will take place thoughtfully and with great care over the next 18 months.

At this time of change, it is also important to thank the National Scouting Museum team for their contributions and commitment to preserving and sharing the history of Scouting. Their efforts are valued and appreciated as we take steps to continue the museum’s success in the future.