What the Colorado Child Care Tax Credit Means for your contribution to the BSA

If you make a Gift of $3000.00

And you are in a 28% Federal and a 4.63% State Tax Brackets

You will have the following savings

Colorado State Itemized Deduction: $139.00

Colorado Income Tax Credit of $1500.00

Federal Income Itemized Deduction of $840.00

After tax cost of your $3,000 gift will be $521.00

To see more download this!  Child Care Tax Credit

And consult your Tax Advisor


2018 Unit Investment in Character Schedule

The New Year has officially arrived, and our 2018 IC Campaign is well underway. We sincerely thank those Units that have already scheduled their IC Presentations. A few have already been presented, and quite a number of others scheduled over the next 2-week. We need to line-up presenters to cover these upcoming presentations.

January Presentations Scheduled to date

  1. Pack 285 for 1-11-18 6:30 PM
  2. Troop 989 for 1-16-18 ?
  3. Pack 748 for 1-18-18 6:30 PM
  4. Troop 400 for 1-22-18 7:30 PM
  5. Pack 478 for 1-23-18 6:30 PM
  6. Troop 238 for 1-25-18 7:00 PM
  7. Troop 459 for 1-29-18 7:00 PM
  8. Troop 538 for 1-29-18 7:00 PM
  9. Troop 640 for 1-29-18 7:00 PM

There are 2-purposes for this notice:

  1. The remainder of the Units that have not done so, please sign-up for their IC Presentation. We will also be making calls to the units on these items as well.

Please sign up for a date by clicking the Link.

  1. We have made repeated pleas to have this group of scout leaders identify IC volunteers from their units. We need willing and enthusiastic IC Presenters. We make that request once again.

If there is no one that can be identified in the unit, then we ask that you then sign-up to help us with the campaign as an IC Presenter. FYI, we will offer info/training to all those that are willing to assist us.

Please provide us these volunteer names ASAP.

We have approx. 30 of 53 units scheduled to date. The expectation is that we have at a minimum of 15-20 active Presenters. Over the course of the campaign, each presenter would give around 3-4 presentations and no one would be unfairly asked to cover too many IC presentations.

Again, if we fail to obtain the support needed to carry-out the IC Campaign, we will be asking unit leaders and commissioners to assist with presentations.

Please review this post and respond back ASAP.

Also, please accept our sincere appreciation for all that you are doing to serve the needs of the scouts throughout the district.

Respectfully yours,

Bob Miller

Family Investment in Character Chair

Timberline District



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