New Ideas in Education show the value of Scouting to help Youth continue learning


Ken Robinson, believes that creativity is the key to lifelong learning. Current education systems kill creativity.  Scouting is a way to continue that creativity and keep that education going.


Want to know what happens when Scouting may not be an option? Alice Goffman spent 6 years living in inner city neighborhoods studying why we have two education systems in the US for kids. One is college and one is the prison system.


So how do we make sure we don’t have our youth educated by alternative system 2?


More Ted Talks to Make US Better Leaders of Youth

Dealing with youth is difficult, because it has been a long time since we were…youth.

Here are some videos that look at the changes Scouting is going through that might help with the transitions. (and I hate using that word!)

Ted Talks are amazing videos of amazing people explaining: life, mars, one cell animals, us, computers and everything else.

This video could be disturbing to some of you, however I think it holds a message on the future of youth, life and Scouting. If nothing else, quit trying to decided what box to check for the youth you work with. Give them the experiences and opportunities to understand and check the boxes they want, today. And then the opportunity to change that check tomorrow.

This video by Sarah-Jayne Blakemore shows how adolescent brains (Scout age) are prime for accepting education, if you can catch their attention.

This last post by Kiran Sethi show what kids can accomplish. Now most of you unit leaders know this, but this might help you encourage others, or re-spark the fire in you.

Or maybe you need to show this to the youth in your units. Maybe they are the ones that inspired?

New Mobile App helps Youth Track Advancement

New Scouting mobile app, which is now available for both iPhone and Android devices.

Scouting makes it easier than ever for youth and their parents to view and track advancement in the Cub Scouting and Boy Scouting programs—as well as youth recognition in the Venturing program. The app pulls existing advancement data straight from Scoutbook for viewing on an enhanced user interface.

Once the app is downloaded, parents and youth should use their Scoutbook credentials to login. If you don’t have a Scoutbook account yet, visit to create one. Note, a youth and parent can still setup a Scouting account for the new mobile app without a unit subscription to Scoutbook.

The initial release of the app contains the following functions:

Track a Scout’s advancement

  • Track logs like service hours, hiking, and camping
  • View parent and/or Scout profile
  • Submit feedback
  • Provide parent access to your Scouts’ accounts

The new app also supports a night-mode feature, user default data settings, and offline capabilities (under settings). Additional features like a Scout community, notifications, leadership, calendar, and Scout challenges will also be added throughout 2018.


Are You an Eagle Scout on your Way to College? There are dozens of Scholarships available for you.

Eagle Scout Scholarship Information

If you know of an Eagle Scout Scholarship not listed here, let me know so I can post it:



Girls are going to become part of Scouting. I’m thrilled, I’m thankful I think it is about time.

I’m also petrified. I’ve worked with Scouts my entire life.  My only real interaction with girls in Scouting was asking scouts taking nature merit badge at summer camp if they had sisters and if they were coming to parents night wednesday night at camp.  (Like a 12 year old cared if his sister showed up.)

Wednesday we put on our best uniform and stood far far away trying to figure out what to do.

I have that same feeling now. I’m trying to figure out what to do.

I love Ted Talks. I’ve found a couple that provide me a little help and courage. I’ve posted them here.

Julie Lythcott-Haims is proof that Scouting is needed today more than ever for boys and girls. Kids are not to be trimmed and pruned, they are wildflowers who need the opportunity to grow.

Caroline Paul talks about how we need to teach girls bravery. No other organization does a better job of that than Scouting.

More importantly, Caroline talks about how we treat girls different from boys in how we see them and how we Do Not encourage them to be brave.

Reshma Saujani explains how women are not raised to face fear, how they are taught to be perfect. We need girls to learn to face their fears and grab the world rather than shrink from it.

I hope this help quell your fears and boosts your enthusiasm.



 I’m getting the Silver Beaver Wednesday night. I’m thrilled, honored, thankful, overwhelmed and a little guilty. The guilt is because you are doing the hard work, your hands are knocking on doors, and bending over to help a new scout learn a bowline or a Cub Scout learn how to make the Cub Scout sign.

If not for you, I would not be standing on the stage accepting the Silver Beaver.

If not for you, boys and soon to be girls, would be standing on street corners looking for something to do rather than picking up litter and watching to see if someone needs help.

If not for you, boys would be following in the job their fathers had, because they did not know about the big world that merit badges opened up.

If not for you, hundreds, thousands of young men who put Eagle Scout on their resume and job application are moving to the front of the line because they did.

You, who are making Journey to Excellence as a way to help youth to move forward in life, not hard to read graphs and numbers on a page.

You, who try to help a family get to Scouting when all they see is obstacles. To find them the financial ladder they need to go over the wall and see the opportunities that imaginary wall was keeping them from.

So, thank you for the award and thank you for making it possible.


Timberline District Merit Badge College Save the Date: April 7, 2018

Timberline Merit Badge College will be held April 7, 2018 at Red Rocks Community College!

The following Merit Badges will be available:

Animal Science Astronomy  Camping Chess Citizenship in the Community Citizenship in the Nation Citizenship in the World Collecting Communications Cooking  Crime Prevention Disability Awareness  Emergency Preparedness  Enginering Environmental Science Family Life Fingerprinting First Aid  Game Design  Geocaching Indian Lore  Leatherworking Medicine  Nature Nuclear Science  Personal Fitness Personal Management  Public Speaking Safety Sales  Scouting Heritage  Space Exploration  Sustainability  Traffic Safety  Wood Carving Wood Carving