You can download a copy of the 2017-18 Calendar 2017-28 Timberline District Calendar. Updates will always be posted here.

Timberline District Calendar: Recurring Dates

Training Before Roundtable                                     1st Thursday of the Month 7:00 PM

Timberline District Roundtable                                 1st Thursday of the Month 7:00 PM

Timberline Program Mtg                                            2nd Thursday of the Month 7:00 PM

Pre-Roundtable Training                                          1st Thursday of the Month 6:00 PM

Timberline District Commissioner’s Mtg                 3rd Thursday of the Month 6:00 PM

Timberline District Committee Mtg                           3rd Thursday of the Month

Tahosa Lodge Banquet                                             2nd Saturday of January

Assistant District Commissioners Mtg                 4th Thursday: Jan, April, Aug & Nov

Commissioners College                                            Saturday before the Super Bowl

District Award of Merit Deadlines                             4th Thursday of February

Klondike                                                                       Last Weekend in February

Merit Badge College I                                                 2nd Saturday of March

District Dinner                                                             1st Friday of April

Cub Scout District Pinewood Derby                        1st Saturday in April

District Pinewood Derby                                            2nd Saturday of April

Council Scout Show                                                  Last Saturday in April

Council Scout Show                                                  4th Saturday in April

Cub Scout Day Camp                                                1st Full Week of June

Cub June Summer Event                                         3rd Saturday of June

Cub July Summer Event                                           3rd Saturday of July

Webelos Weekend                                                     1st Weekend of August

Cub August Summer Event                                      3rd Saturday of August

Cub Scout Day Camp                                                1st Full week of June

District Roundtable Feedback                                  1st Thursday of September

Fall Camporee                                                             4th Weekend of September

Outdoor Merit Badge College                                   1st Weekend of October

University of Scouting                                               4th Saturday of October

Merit Badge College II                                                2nd Saturday of November

Timberline District Holiday Extravaganza              First Thursday of December