Boy Scouts are not taking over Girl Scouts, Girl Scouts are still going to be Around & Thriving

Guidelines On Respecting the Rights of All Youth-Serving Organizations

As the BSA begins welcoming girls into Cub Scouting this year and prepares to welcome older girls next year, respecting the rights and programs of other youth-serving organizations is essential. Given this, there is a need to remind everyone that respect extends to their rights in intellectual property and to community support.

While staff and volunteers have good intentions when communicating, please be sure they follow the guidelines for what we can use and say in our communications. The attached guidelines are to help staff and volunteers understand how they communicate about other youth-serving organizations. Please distribute these guidelines so that all can be aware of them.

This is an exciting time for our movement.

Thank you for all you do for Scouting and for helping maintain our core values stated in the Scout Law.

Mike Surbaugh

Chief Scout Executive

Communication Guidelines Regarding Other Youth-Serving Organizations

Do not use the intellectual property of the Girl Scouts of the USA or other organizations. For example, do not use any of the following on any local council or unit materials, including recruiting flyers, announcements, and promotional material, even ones jointly organized or sponsored, regardless of the format or distribution method (e.g., online via Facebook, Twitter, Instagram). This specifically includes:

The trademarks “Girl Scout”, “Girl Scouts” or “Girl Scouts of the USA”

  • GSUSA’s trefoil logo, either with solid fill or with profiles
  • Insignia or emblems of the Girl Scouts
  • Images of Girl Scout uniforms, including photos of people dressed in GSUSA uniforms
  • Famous slogans or mottoes associated with the Girl Scouts, including famous quotes by the founder of the Girl Scouts, Juliette Gordon-Low
  • Other distinctive names and brand elements associated with the Girl Scouts

Support the work of all youth-serving organizations. The Girl Scouts and other organizations across the country all have the same goal in mind — helping youth grow into better citizens. All youth-serving organizations depend on the generosity of individuals and businesses across the country — from retailers who permit fundraising on their premises to schools that open their cafeterias for recruiting events. To that end, we should always be supportive of other youth-serving organizations and their efforts so that we can all be successful in growing youth into better citizens.

We are the Boy Scouts of America. When inaccurate stories appear in the media, we will take the higher ground. We will apologize for and correct mistakes. We will correct significant inaccuracies in courteous fashion. We applaud the efforts of all who serve youth. We will speak positively and support the efforts of all other youth-serving organizations.


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