Colorado Tourism Office – Volunteer Opportunities for Travelers

My name is Amber King with the Colorado Tourism Office. You may have worked with other colleagues last year as we built out the Colorado Field Guide, an online collection of itineraries to inspire travelers to get out and explore the four corners and hidden gems of our state. We have just launched Field Guide 2.0 which will offer more opportunities to share these amazing itineraries with all our potential travelers.

A vital part of the Field Guide is to have a volunteer element weaved into every itinerary. We want to help travelers leave Colorado better than how they found it.

I’m reaching out to see if your organization has any new or standing volunteer opportunities that travelers could take part in during their visit to Colorado. These activities would be featured or linked on itineraries to let travelers know they could participate and would link back to your website for additional information.

· Ideally, projects would happen regularly, such as once a week or month, so travelers could plan it as part of their trip.

· These events would be appropriate for people participating for only a limited time, not an on-going volunteer position throughout a season.

· If prior registration or training is required we can make that clear.

· Or, are there activities that travelers could take part in at any time – for example, go to the Welcome Center to pick up a bag to pick up trash along your hike.

If you don’t have any regular opportunities that would be appropriate for travelers I would love to discuss more how CTO could support the creation of such an activity and we could set up a call to discuss further. I understand that time and resources are limited and we want to support your initiatives as best we can.

I’m happy to answer any questions or address any thoughts you may have. We are excited to get our travelers out in the state making it better than before and support your organization’s mission.

Thanks in advance!


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