More Ted Talks to Make US Better Leaders of Youth

Dealing with youth is difficult, because it has been a long time since we were…youth.

Here are some videos that look at the changes Scouting is going through that might help with the transitions. (and I hate using that word!)

Ted Talks are amazing videos of amazing people explaining: life, mars, one cell animals, us, computers and everything else.

This video could be disturbing to some of you, however I think it holds a message on the future of youth, life and Scouting. If nothing else, quit trying to decided what box to check for the youth you work with. Give them the experiences and opportunities to understand and check the boxes they want, today. And then the opportunity to change that check tomorrow.

This video by Sarah-Jayne Blakemore shows how adolescent brains (Scout age) are prime for accepting education, if you can catch their attention.

This last post by Kiran Sethi show what kids can accomplish. Now most of you unit leaders know this, but this might help you encourage others, or re-spark the fire in you.

Or maybe you need to show this to the youth in your units. Maybe they are the ones that inspired?


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