I’m getting the Silver Beaver Wednesday night. I’m thrilled, honored, thankful, overwhelmed and a little guilty. The guilt is because you are doing the hard work, your hands are knocking on doors, and bending over to help a new scout learn a bowline or a Cub Scout learn how to make the Cub Scout sign.

If not for you, I would not be standing on the stage accepting the Silver Beaver.

If not for you, boys and soon to be girls, would be standing on street corners looking for something to do rather than picking up litter and watching to see if someone needs help.

If not for you, boys would be following in the job their fathers had, because they did not know about the big world that merit badges opened up.

If not for you, hundreds, thousands of young men who put Eagle Scout on their resume and job application are moving to the front of the line because they did.

You, who are making Journey to Excellence as a way to help youth to move forward in life, not hard to read graphs and numbers on a page.

You, who try to help a family get to Scouting when all they see is obstacles. To find them the financial ladder they need to go over the wall and see the opportunities that imaginary wall was keeping them from.

So, thank you for the award and thank you for making it possible.



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