Great Opportunity for a Youth


 I’m catching you before the swing of the holidays with a very exciting No Barriers youth opportunity. This June, we’re going to take a team of youth leaders to the remote Mustang region of Nepal, high on the Tibetan Plateau, for a two-week expedition. Students with diverse abilities, physical challenges, and those struggling to excel beyond their perceived limitations, will trek through the Himalayas and interact as part of a cultural exchange with their Nepalese peers.

The trip will be led by myself and No Barriers Ambassador Bill Barkeley, a deaf-blind adventurer. Our third leader is Mandy Harvey, a musician and song-writer with perfect pitch, who is also deaf. Mandy skyrocketed this summer when she was a finalist on America’s Got Talent! We might even be able to convince Mandy to sing for us along the trail.

To maximize the impact of this expedition, we’ll be partnering with organizations such as the dZi Foundation, a non-profit specializing in impactful projects in rural communities of Nepal, creating lasting improvements in quality of life. This will be an immersive experience, helping youth to break through personal barriers, while at the same time, examining social change projects that are solving real-world problems.

Do you have an important young person in your life (high school age) who would like to utilize an adventure like this as a platform for social change? As you open presents this holiday season, take some time to discuss this as a family. At this early date, we’d like to get a gauge on interest so we can learn whether a trip like this has viability. Please let us know by filling out this interest form.

Discover more at:

Happy Holidays and I’m excited to hear your responses!



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