Still some great opportunities at Philmont this Year

2017 Summer Opportunities Available!
Do you want to visit Philmont Scout Ranch THIS summer? We have slots available all over the Ranch! From cavalcades, exhibitions & individual treks to the Philmont Training Center & seasonal staff positions, we’re sure we have an adventurous summer opportunity for you!
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Cavalcade Availability

Want to experience the Ranch on horseback? Make that dream come true this summer! Philmont Cavalcades are similar to regular expeditions except that, instead of hiking, crews ride horses through the rugged mountain wilderness like the famous trappers who first explored the west. This eight-day trek throughout Philmont’s backcountry experiences program opportunities such as rock climbing & rappelling, challange events and spar pole climbing. The final day of the Cavalcade is spent in competition at an equestrian gymkhana. Cavalcades are allowed 10 to 15 people per crew. To inquire about a Philmont Cavalcade, email Philmont at camping or call us at (575) 376-2281.

Learn More About Philmont Cavalcades!
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12 & 7-Day Trek Availability

Take a hike through the Sangre de Cristo Mountains of northern New Mexico on a 12 or 7-Day exhibition at Philmont Scout Ranch like the famous trappers who first explored the West. Participants will experience a number of backcountry trail and staff camps while also participating in a number of program activities. Help rebuild the Continental Tie and Lumber Company railroad through the Ponil Canyon, pan for gold outside Cypher’s Mine, or climb to the top of Philmont’s 12,441 ft. Baldy Mountain for breathtaking panoramic views. Whatever adventure you desire, we’re bound to have it. Sign up today!

Check 12 & 7-Day Trek Availability
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Individual Trek Availability

Still craving that Philmont experience, but don’t have a crew to enjoy it with? Fear no more because you can come to Philmont on your own this summer! You’re invited to sign up individually for any of the Ranch’s Individual Treks. Delve into the ecology and conservation work behind Philmont as part of the Roving Outdoor Conservation School Trek, Trail Crew Trek, STEM Trek or Order of the Arrow Trail Crew Trek. Test your limits on a 21 day Rayado trek, improve your horsemanship on Ranch Hands, or find the perfect adventures on NAYLE and the Philmont Training Center’s Mountain Trek. Sign up now and be prepared for the adventure of a lifetime.

Check Individual Trek Availability
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The Philmont Training Center

“The National Training Center of the Boy Scouts of America”

Each summer the PTC offers the best in BSA leadership training. This summer there are over 90 courses to choose from, with 30 brand new programs to offer. Best part? While you’re soaking up knowledge from the best scouters in the country, your family could be soaking up fun through a variety of age appropriate activities and programs, including programs for spouses! Sign up now to bring you and your family to the Philmont Training Center this summer!

Check PTC Availability
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Summer Staff Positions

Each summer, more than 23,000 scouts travel from all corners of the US and abroad to participate in the rich backcountry program and trekking opportunities available at Philmont Scout Ranch. The Ranch hires more than 1,100 summer staff to fill over 130 unique positions around the ranch to support backcountry programs, food service, retail operations, the Philmont Training Center, maintenance, conservation, ranching, medical services and administrative positions. Throughout the summer, staff will have time to hike on over 300 miles of trail, participate in program activities at any of the Ranch’s 36 staffed backcountry camps, and visit any desired scenic spots across the ranch. Download and send in your application today for a chance to work at Philmont this summer!

Download a Staff Application Now!
See you at the Ranch!
Philmont Scout Ranch and Training Center | 575-376-2281 |
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