New Guide to Safe Scouting is Out. Here is an Outline of the Changes and a link to Download it.

Download a PDF

Download the print-friendly version here.   This is the full PDF version that contains updates as of January 2017. Please refer to the online version for the most updated information.

2016 Updates


  • V. Medical Information and First Aid: A section called Medication Use in Scouting was added to this chapter.
  • VIII. Sports and Activities: Information on orb activities was added to the Unauthorized and Restricted Activities section.
  • Inspections: The entire Inspections chapter was deleted.
  • IX. Insurance: The entire Insurance chapter was updated.
  • X. Transportation: The section on automobiles, SUVs, and vans was updated for consistency with new insurance requirements.
  • XIII. Incident Reporting: Information was added about the BSA’s new series of Incident Review sheets.


  • Front Matter: Scouter Code of Conduct added.
  • II. Aquatics Safety: The Safety Afloat section was updated.
  • IV. Alcohol, Tobacco, and Drugs: The entire chapter was updated and renamed.
  • IX. Insurance: The Automobile Liability Insurance section was updated.
  • X. Transportation: The Automobiles, SUVs, and Vans section was updated.

Table of Contents

The BSA’s Commitment to Safety

BSA Scouter Code of Conduct



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