Camp Card Kick-Off is February 8th.

The Denver Area Council is happy to announce our 2017 Camp Card and Kickoff dates for next month! Sale starts March 1st so don’t wait to RSVP for the kickoff (bonus commission included for attending 1 kickoff)!

North Kickoff: Wednesday, February 8th at Westminster Recreation Center (program starts at 6:30pm, pizza will be provided). RSVP for North Kickoff Here
South Kickoff: Thursday, February 16th at Bethany Lutheran Church. (program starts at 6:30pm, pizza will be provided). RSVP for South Kickoff

camp-card-2017 b

More information: Go to our camp card website!

What is the Camp Card Campaign? Simply put, it is a $5 card with great offers and discounts that Scouts sell to earn money to help offset summer camp expenses. Scouts can earn up to a 50% commission*! This is a risk free** fundraiser that gives unit leaders flexibility and opportunity for Scout to earn their way to camp.

Great vendors in 2017 including Safeway, Dicks Sporting Goods, Papa Johns, Sports Clips, Water World, Elitch’s, Bass Pro and many more!

*Pack/Troop committee decides on what Scouts will earn for each card sold
*Commission structure with 50% commissioner or $2.50 per card sold:
$1 (20%)  -Sell Camp Cards and settle your account by May 12th and earn $1 for each card sold
$1 (20%) -Host Scout Show booth and earn $1 for each card sold. RSVP for a Scout Show Booth here.
$.50 (10%) -Attend 1 Kickoff and receive $.50 for each card sold

**Camp Cards will be checked out to Unit Camp Card Leader or designee. Unsold camp cards must be returned to (in addition to money from sold camp cards) to the Hamilton Scout Headquarters by no later than Friday, May 12th.

Come to the kickoff to hear about our great vendors and sales techniques that will help your Scout sell more cards!

If you have any questions feel free to contact Camp Card Staff Advisor Josh Atherton at 720-266-2160 or Tiffany Viduya at 720-266-2165. Feel free to visit our camp card website for more information.


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