Clean Trails: Possible Unit Service Project or Eagle Project


Trail Talk

January 2017


Photo: Instagram/cleantrails

What if everyone picked up just one piece of litter?

Happy 2017 to All!

Why not put your best foot forward to kickoff the new year!? Visit our website to make a donation today!

And join the conversation on twitter @cleantrails!

Still pondering your new year’s resolution? Adopting a trail may be the solution!

Adopt a Trail


Photo: Instagram/cleantrails

This year, make a resolution to keep the land you love litter free!

Adopt a trail today!

Just follow these simple steps:

1. Pick your trail & let us know

2. Do a monthly spotter & catcher sweep

3. Have fun

Adopt a Trail

99 Million Year Old Dinosaur Tail Found!

Read the National Geographic Article by Kristin Romey

According to a report in Current Biology, a segment from the feathered tail of a dinosaur was found preserved in amber. This is the first time scientists can clearly associate feathers with a dinosaur.

Photograph by R.C. McKellar, Royal Saskatchewan Museum

Colorado Embarks on Experimental Predator Control to Save Dwindling Deer

Read The Denver Post Article by Bruce Finley

Despite wide-spread opposition, the Colorado Wildlife Commission voted to spend 4.5 million dollars to revive the state’s deer population by euthanizing mountain lions and bears.

Photo: Aspen Daily News (file)

How Three Hikers Helped Clean Up America’s Long Trails

Read the Backpacker Magazine Article By Carolyn Webber

The Clean Trails Mission in Action! After coming across a queen size mattress on the Appalachian Trail, a team of dedicated hikers set out to haul thousands of pounds of trash off the trails they love most!

Photo By Paul Twedt

Happy New Year

from the Clean Trails Team!

Meet the Clean Trails Team

We want to keep our outdoors looking great, in 2017 and every year!

Clean Trails is an all-volunteer organization that aims to increase community involvement through education and action. Our team consists of many talented people, all dedicated to contributing their skills and passions to our grass-roots efforts.

This month, we’d like to recognize all of our supporters and volunteers that are out and about, working hard to keep our beautiful trails clean.

Thank you, for all you do! Here’s to a safe, healthy and clean 2017!!

There are dozens of ways you can get involved!

Please contact us to learn more.

Clean Trails is a charitable 501 (c) 3 non-profit organization that promotes harmony with the land by encouraging stewardship and providing mechanisms to keep the trail systems that lead to our wild spaces litter-free.

Thanks for Joining Us!

Clean Trails, 7331 Monica Lane, Evergreen, CO 80439


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