Registration Open for 2017 Klondike derby

2017 Timberline District Klondike


The Timberline District Activities Committee invites you to take part in the 2017 Timberline District Klondike. The theme for this year’s Klondike is “Alfred Packer Klondike.”

Scouts will participate in a series of fun events to test their survival skills and display their patrol spirit.

On Saturday, patrols will travel the Klondike Trail and encounter interesting and fun events requiring Scout skills, creativity and Scouts working together as a patrol. Ribbons will be awarded based on patrol performance and total points earned at the various towns along the Trail.

Winter camping is one of the most challenging of the outdoor adventures. The 2017 Klondike will provide opportunities for Scouts to test their preparation and skills, and build confidence in their ability to be prepared for successful camping in cold weather.

*Units registering online before February 2, 2017 will be able to select their campsite. Selection will take place at the February Timberline Roundtable on a first come – first served basis.*

You can download the Klondike Planning Guide here:

Reverends Ridge Campground

Golden Gate Canyon State Park

Start your Registration Here:


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