We need a Little Help.

Many of you may not know who I am; I’m the District Chairman, a volunteer in the Timberline District, Denver Area Council, BSA. (That means I’m in charging of solving problems and helping you help youth.) I’m sorry for interrupting your holidays, but I need a little help, and I have some information you might find helpful.

First though, Thank You, for being a volunteer and making 2016 a Great year for Scouting.

The help issues.

2016 is coming to an end. That end means we have to have our paperwork into the Council office, so we can be rated. More importantly our professional staff promotions and pay are based on these year-end numbers. We need you to double check and make sure you have all of your advancement recorded and into the Council office. Your service hours recorded on My.Scouting.org, and all the youth in your units registered and the paperwork into the Council Office.

Currently, we are 31 youth short of making our year-end  membership goal. We know the following units have unregistered youth.  Please get them to the council office, ASAP.  If you can’t, get the paperwork together, a check for the registrations and someone from the District Committee will come to your home and pick up the paperwork.

clip_image002Pack 4-21

Pack 50-1

Pack 59-1

Pack 63-1

Pack 84-1

Pack 161-1

Pack 238-4

Pack 285-3

Pack 448-1

Pack 507-maybe 1

Pack 552-2

Pack 554-1

Pack 572-1

Pack 809-5

Troop 640-1

Troop 737-1

There are enough youth not registered on the above list to put us over our goal. Registered means paperwork and money to the council office.  If you need help with any of this, again, let us know, and we will get you the help you need.

This is important for the entire district, the council and the national Scouting program. Your help is deeply appreciated in getting this job done.

Second help issue is we are short staffed at the Council Office. If you have an Eagle Scout home for the holidays and getting underfoot or have some free time yourself, give Cheyann Thunberg a call and find out when she can use your help. An hour or two would be fantastic.

Cheyann Thunberg         720 266 2130       Cheyann.Thunberg@Scouting.org

The good news is we are trying to answer your concerns about getting information to you. We’ve put up a Timberline District Webpage with calendar to help you stay current.

Timberline District Webpagehttps://timberline-district-bsa.org/

Timberline District Calendar:   https://timberline-district-bsa.org/calendar/

If you have an questions, concerns or information you would like to post let me know.

Thanks for your helpclip_image003


Jim Moss

Timberline District Chair

Denver Area Council


720 334 8529

Timberline District Webpagehttps://timberline-district-bsa.org/

Timberline District Calendar:   https://timberline-district-bsa.org/calendar/



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