District Commissioners Meeting Thursday December 15, 2016!!! Important Update!

We are going to have a District elf_run_present_2_500_clr_17970Commissioner’s Meeting this Thursday evening, 6:30 PM at the LDS Church, 9227 W Dartmouth Pl, Lakewood, CO 80227.

We are not going to have a District Committee Meeting that night unless you have an issue or a report or want to help or be a commissioner.

We are going to concentrate on getting our Commissioner Team up to speed and organized for 2017.

Assistant District Commissioners, please show up. We need your help in getting organized. We want your help in finding out who you need in your team to get the job done. We want to know who is working in your teams and who needs a little more help.


Unit Commissioners, we have some new ideas and training, you can provide to your units.

Bring your laptop if you have one. We want to do some work & training line.

Bring ideas on who we can recruit to help in your teams and any changes you might want in your team!

All Commissioners, please plan on attending.

Jim Moss

Steve Yexley

Timberline District Chair

Timberline District Commissioner

Timberline District Webpage:  https://timberline-district-bsa.org/

Timberline District Calendar:   https://timberline-district-bsa.org/calendar/





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